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Path business excellence network

Handle your business with your organization empolyees, with your business partners and business contacts, Directley sell and book your products and services to network customer, and buy other business partners products and services as supplies and logistics, automate your business process by planning availabilties of products and services, human resources and work location, Have your buisness staff reporting duty, sells and operations tasks directley through the mobile app.

Path App

Extended reality with indoor enabled nevigation, next gen services of NFT products and services, 3D moduled in virual reality The lifestyle and events managment app enabled with Horus, the AI, also enable direct hiring of freelancers and influncers. And empolyees can leverge app features as digital wallet access/Identification digital cards to open doors, report duty, be identified by customers in work locations when Augment reality and Indoor nevigation. Subscribed Businesses can manage HR/Locations/Products visibility and availablity on network and EX, AR and classic web on the network.


The first of it's kind value trading currency, work as an exchange medium, trade rewarded points from making business on the network, To Andalusi points then to goverment issued currencies. And vice-versa!